Big Boy Tomatoes & other Summer Produce.

Here is a snapshot of 2017 summers gardening results as a beginner gardener. I have been pleasantly surprised, and sometimes caught off guard by what has come through. Three types of tomatoes, olives, spinach and watermelon have been my highlights! Continue reading Big Boy Tomatoes & other Summer Produce.

Arctic Queen Clematis 

This is one of the most beautiful clematis flowers in my opinion.  I enjoyed watching it bloom over the weeks. It starts off like a tight ball of string and little by little the petals unfurl.  There are So many layers (it’s a double-headed flower) so it takes a little while for the flowers to … Continue reading Arctic Queen Clematis 


This week has been all about my clematis in my garden.  In prior weeks as the vines have been shooting out and winding around anything they can grab, they have been separated out in a fan shape along the fence and supported against a wire trellis and secured with soft garden wire.  In previous years … Continue reading Clematis 

Random weather

Uh oh! What an onslaught of hail- totally unexpected! I am planning on planting seeds straight into the garden in the next few weeks. Now I am a bit nervous.  The ‘protective mother’ side of me comes out whenever I see predators eyeing up my young plants. Worse still when the Elements decide to be … Continue reading Random weather