Rosemary Bread

Here’s my take on River Cottage’s gorgeous Simple White Bread recipe with added Rosemary.  I’ve tailored some ingredients to make my kids happy, you of course can make adjustments to your taste too.   Ingredients  500g strong white bread flour 500g strong brown bread flour 14g fast-action bread yeast  15g fine salt Handful of rosemary … Continue reading Rosemary Bread

Advent Antics

Our Nativity scene gets a lot of ‘attention’ from the kids.  However,  it’s a fantastic conversation-starter with them about the Christmas Story!  A few deep breaths on my part is required whenever pieces end up on the floor (it’ll be a Christmas miracle in itself if it survives to see  Christmas 2017…), but I’m so … Continue reading Advent Antics

Misty Morning

It’s a misty day in London today.  That’s right ‘mist’ not ‘fog’.  When you’re driving though, it’s both just as bad!  Taking my little one to play group today I loved taking in the beautiful wintery, misty scenery!   The view in the park could be straight out of an old period drama or murder … Continue reading Misty Morning