Sweet peas 

Sweet Peas are super-easy to grow and a great veg to get the kids involved. Today I got my child to carefully pick the ones that are ready and then talked through meal options to use it in- roast dinner looks like the winner! They are now popped out and stored into the freezer until we cook the next roast dinner. Continue reading Sweet peas 

Happy Easter!

It’s a glorious sunny morning to wake up to this Easter Sunday.  The buds are bursting through my trees now and framing the edges of the garden nicely. Some of the edible plants are progressing well too! Easter Sunday is the most important day of remembrance for Christians all around the world- the reason for … Continue reading Happy Easter!

Rosemary Bread

Here’s my take on River Cottage’s gorgeous Simple White Bread recipe with added Rosemary.  I’ve tailored some ingredients to make my kids happy, you of course can make adjustments to your taste too.   Ingredients  500g strong white bread flour 500g strong brown bread flour 14g fast-action bread yeast  15g fine salt Handful of rosemary … Continue reading Rosemary Bread