Looks like those social media posts about regrowing certain veg, like lettuce, really works! Here’s my Romaine Lettuce growing back again! Something to note: don’t make the same mistake I made by trying to plant it out in the soil- they don’t seem to like it! Continue reading Hydroponics

The value of multiple quotes!

Last year I found a strange opening in the base of my Laburnum tree. It looked like some infestation was going on! https://littlelearning.garden/2018/05/08/help-whats-wrong-with-my-tree-%f0%9f%8c%b3/ So I called up several tree specialists to come out, assess the situation and recommend a solution. Several weeks of disappointing and conflicting recommendations then began 🤦🏽‍♀️! The first ‘specialist’ recommended simply … Continue reading The value of multiple quotes!