Crocosmia Lucifer

It has been a hot few weeks lately (by London standards!).  While a lot of my plants have been struggling,  red jewel-like flowers have been popping up, loving the heat and providing my garden with a burst of colour.  These cormous perennial plants bloom in the height of summer and can sometimes last until early … Continue reading Crocosmia Lucifer

Leaf compost 

It seems almost a crime to be discussing the autumnal activity of collecting fallen leaves to make compost- in the middle of summer!  However, that is what I’m going to do after seeing it in a large scale in Fairhaven woodland and water gardens (Norfolk) and becoming inspired by their layout of it and how … Continue reading Leaf compost 

Gunnera Tinctoria

This week we visited Fairhaven Woodland and Water Gardens in the Norfolk broads.  What a seriously amazing place to go to for the whole family!  The plant that captured my attention the most, probably because of its’ size, were the Gunnera. The other name for Gunnera are ‘giant rhubarb’ because of the similar characteristics , … Continue reading Gunnera Tinctoria