Butterfly Bush

My Buddleja davidii, or ‘butterfly bush’ as they are more commonly known,  are starting to bloom.   Known for attracting butterflies,  hopefully there will be some more for me spot over the coming weeks.  Since the roses in my garden have all been spent (for now!),  things have been a little quiet on the butterfly … Continue reading Butterfly Bush

Ancient Jasmine 

The heady scent of Jasmine fills the late evening air as I tidy up stray bits of toys lying around the garden.  White flower heads are scattered all around the ground and in nearby plants.  I gathered up about two handfuls and put them in a bowl of water in front of my open kitchen … Continue reading Ancient Jasmine 


Looking for a plant that performs well no matter the soil conditions, comes back year after year, divides easily, gives a bit of height and colour?  (Music to the ears of a beginner-gardeners).  Look no further than Lysimachia- otherwise known as Loosestrife. My Lysimachia Punctata has been divided where the original plant is in a … Continue reading Loosestrife 

Summer Grass

On a walk this morning, these long waist-height grasses captured my eye.  I love the hint of red and soft flowing grass-heads.  Even though they are in a wild setting I can see they would make a lovely feature in gardens to add height, structure, texture and colour.  Continue reading Summer Grass

Ethereal woodlands 

A walk through the woodlands first thing in the morning can be an incredibly beautiful and ethereal experience.  The sun filtering through the wildflowers and the leaves on the trees.  The sounds of little creatures and birds moving around as they look for food or play around.   At one point I stopped still and … Continue reading Ethereal woodlands 

Potpourri petals 

I have just finished a novel ‘Cankered Roots’ in which the main character grew up collecting fallen rose petals each summer morning with her mother.  Her mother did this with her to make potpourri to ‘remember the smell of summer in winter’.   What a fantastic idea!  Instead of throwing literally bucketfuls of spent roses … Continue reading Potpourri petals