Lovely Lilies 

Some orange lilies have bloomed this week.  It is a miracle they have bloomed at all because if you look at the leaves, it has been the meal of choice of red lily beetles😠.   Earlier in spring as the leaves were growing I spotted the beetles easily on the leaves and also bite marks. … Continue reading Lovely Lilies 

Sunshine and Rain

This week we have been getting a real mix of weather of both sunshine and heavy rain.  It reminds me of growing up in sub-tropical Brisbane.  In terms of gardening, everything is flourishing- especially the weeds!!  The good news is that the rain-softened soil makes them easy to remove.  Although the green (garden and food … Continue reading Sunshine and Rain

Arctic Queen Clematis 

This is one of the most beautiful clematis flowers in my opinion.  I enjoyed watching it bloom over the weeks. It starts off like a tight ball of string and little by little the petals unfurl.  There are So many layers (it’s a double-headed flower) so it takes a little while for the flowers to … Continue reading Arctic Queen Clematis 

Trial and Error

Seriously, what do I need to do to get cuttings to take root?  This area of gardening baffles me.  There’s definitely no “green finger touch” from me when I try to get cuttings to grow. But that’s no excuse to not try each Spring when it’s the optimal time to do this while you have … Continue reading Trial and Error

They are growing!

So how are the plants which I have written about progressing?   My orchid’s flowering stem is getting longer and I think buds are just about to form. The beans are getting flowers on them! These guys are now in bloom all over the place.  I like the way the white colour breaks up the … Continue reading They are growing!