Fussy Orchids

Orchids are a like the ‘spoilt brat’ of the plant world.  They don’t like to be moved, they don’t like to be too cold or too hot and they need to be kept moist. I was given one as a gift just under two years ago when my little one was born.  As you can … Continue reading Fussy Orchids

Gardening & Grounding

“He’s not very good at picnics is he Mummy!” remarks my eldest about his younger brother, who has run off for the umpteenth time to play on the playground equipment, instead of sitting down to eat his picnic lunch.  This week we had picnics in the park because of the beautiful weather.  It is a … Continue reading Gardening & Grounding

Wistful Blue Clouds

   Fluffy white clouds and blue skies. A beautiful spring day leads me and my boys to the high street market where six Gerberas were bought and planted onto the back terrace.     I hope that as my row of daffodils finish for the year, these guys will take over.    The crocus and snow … Continue reading Wistful Blue Clouds