Memory Box

“Why do you have those shells in your garden Aunty?” asked my nephew on the weekend.  “Don’t you remember collecting some of them for me a few years ago?” I replied.  I know it is probably not allowed, however, over the years, as souvenirs, I have collected a few shells to remember different holidays taken. … Continue reading Memory Box

Retail Therapy

As I read various gardening -related blogs and websites this past week, guilt is creeping in. So many of you are out there, cracking on with sowing and weeding and all sorts of other jobs.  Meanwhile, between awful weather, a teething toddler, school runs and running a household, I have barely made it out into … Continue reading Retail Therapy

Random weather

Uh oh! What an onslaught of hail- totally unexpected! I am planning on planting seeds straight into the garden in the next few weeks. Now I am a bit nervous.  The ‘protective mother’ side of me comes out whenever I see predators eyeing up my young plants. Worse still when the Elements decide to be … Continue reading Random weather